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Inbound Tours

At Global Connectors, we offer inbound tour services in the United Arab Emirates. Our platform was built with the vision of offering a tour of some of the most beautiful and scenic views in the country. We help customers by offering Dubai tours, excursions, and visas. With plenty of operators in the market, it could be a hassle to find the right one, especially if you are not from the UAE. We have all details from booking to travel to stay, right here, on our website. Dubai has a lot to offer and we ensure that you find the right places to visit.

Desert Safari

With us experience the best the Dubai desert has to offer. From dune bashing to sunset photography, entertainment & dinner under stars; we give you the best of Desert Safari experience.

From AED


For adults 110.00 AED from 1-4 persons.

For childs 100.00 AED from 1-4 persons.

City Tours

Explore the best of history and modern day attractions of Dubai with our exclusive one-day city tour. From Burj Khalifa to Dubai Mall, landscaped gardens to Fahidi fort we take you everywhere.
From AED


For adults 115.00 AED from 1-4 persons.

For childs 110.00 AED from 1-4 persons.

Dhow Cruise

Cruise around in comfort along the Dubai Marina modified in Venetian style canal in the historical Dhow Cruise. We take you to special cruise with delicious dinner buffet, drinks and dance for a perfect evening.

From AED


For adults 135.00 AED from 1-4 persons.

For childs 130.00 AED from 1-4 persons.

Burj Khalifa Tour

We take you to an up, close and personal tour of the world’s tallest building- Burj Khalifa and allow you to soak in its history and enjoy views of the world below from its observatory deck.

From AED


For adults 200.00 AED from 1-4 persons.

For childs 160.00 AED from 1-4 persons.

Helicopter Tour

Dubai Helicopter Tours, enjoy the aerial view of the city and the beautiful sights of the Dubai Marina with this tour package. You get to go on a helicopter tour and enjoy a relaxing dinner while saving money.

From AED


590.00 AED from 1-4 persons (12 Minutes).

810.00 AED from 1-4 persons (17 Minutes).

1060.00 AED from 1-4 persons (22 Minutes).

Abu Dhabi

Explore the best of the capital city of UAE and see the best of world wonders and heritage attractions in store for you. Explore why Abu Dhabi is the world’s best city to live in.

From AED


For adults 210.00 AED from 1-4 persons.

For childs 200.00 AED from 1-4 persons.

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